Treatment of TBI

When people experience a TBI the treatment must be designed specifically for their needs based on the specific problems they have acquired. These problems are typically focused in three areas (cognitive, physical, and emotional) and it is imperative to treat all of those areas simultaneously. Most patients sustain a TBI following an automobile accident, a fall, a fight, or some other blow to the head. The person often has suffered a whiplash injury or other orthopedic problem. They are often treating with a physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, or physiatrist for their pain complaints.  What is often not treated, however, are the sleep problems they have begun to experience. Good sleep is essential to good brain recovery and we typically make recommendations for medications or not medication therapies designed specifically to improve sleep.

Patients involved in traumatic accidents also are often experiencing emotional stresses such as driving anxiety, fear, worry about their condition and whether they will get better, frustration, lack of patience, irritability, and depression. Our trauma counselors are specifically trained to help patients cope with the changes they have experienced in their lives and to recapture that sense of safety and security they had prior to their accident. Treatment typically lasts 8-10 sessions and involves specific strategies and exercises to reestablish a person’s level of emotional well-being.

Thinking problems, which often include memory difficulties, reduced mental efficiency, attention and concentration problems, poor planning and organizing, etc. are treated by our Speech-Language therapist. Rather than placing someone on a computer program to perform brain exercises we emphasize the direct treatment of the functional problems the person is experiencing in their lives. We teach compensation and limitation strategies to help improve a person’s overall level of functioning. Learning how to use day timers, notes, schedules, and checklists and how to set aside some normal responsibilities in order to focus on doing a few things well is the key to successfully compensating for the problem areas a person who has sustained a TBI experiences. Treatment typically lasts 6-10 sessions.

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