Treatment of Post Concussion Syndrome


Memory Problems

1. Use a notebook, calendar or daytimer to keep track of appointments. Carry it with you at all times.
2. Use the notebook to write down names of new people. Use a cueing system to help remember names (like a description of the person).
3. Use the notebook to write down all important information. For instance, questions you want to ask healthcare providers or information you want to share with your family.
4. Make use of an alarm or timer to remind you when it’s time to do a certain task.
5. Use several modalities when memorizing. Say it loud, visualize it and write it down.

Attention and Concentration

1. Organize your environment as much as possible.
2. Minimize visual and auditory distractions such as television and radio.
3. If you have to work in a noisy environment try wearing earplugs.
4. When at work, keep your door closed.
5. When driving, keep the radio off.

Lack of Motivation

1. Make a daily schedule. Check off activities as you complete them.
2. Break large tasks into small parts.

Perceptual Problems

1. Write down and repeat back verbal information such as directions and phone numbers.

Decreased Speed of Information Processing

1. Allow more time to complete activities.


1. Schedule rest breaks throughout the day.
2. Complete most thinking type activities in the morning and early afternoon.
3. Exercise daily.
4. Work to improve sleeping habits.
5. Maintain a balanced diet.
6. Set limits.


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