Auto Accidents

If you have been involved in an automobile accident



Automobile accidents often result in the occupants of the vehicles becoming exposed to a variety of biomechanical forces (the energy to which the body and internal organs are exposed), which can result in mild to severe injuries.  The brain, floating in cerebrospinal fluid and encased in the hard skull, can be shaken around in many different directions, resulting in bruising, shearing, and tearing of the nerve cells of the brain.  Trauma to the brain can occur when the head strikes an object in the car such as the steering wheel or door post.  But trauma to the brain can also occur simply by the whiplash motion of the head, resulting in considerable forces being exerted to the brain.  In such a case the force of the accident can cause the brain to twist and turn and to strike against the inner part of the skull, resulting in bruising and possibly bleeding in the brain.

Of course, people involved in automobile accidents often experience physical injuries like whiplash, back injury, chest and lap injury from seat belts, and even burns and bruises from the airbag deployment.  They can experience emotional injuries also that can include anxiety, depression, loss, and a sense of increased vulnerability.

This combination of brain injury, physical pain, and emotional trauma is called Post Concussion Syndrome.

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