Doreen DeRoss MS LPC ACC

Doreen works with adults and children who would like help with trauma relief and recovery.
She well trained in DBT and cognitive and behavioral approaches to stress reduction, relaxation
training and psychological health, Doreen has much success working with people who have had
automobile accidents, head injuries and those with chronic illnesses.
As she works directly with a positive approach to behavioural change, she also helps people
manage intense emotions & feelings of hopelessness which can sometimes make change
difficult. Doreen is very experienced with EMDR to treat past trauma, and combining her DBT
experience with her EMDR Levels 1 and 2 training expedites the healing process.
She is, additionally, the only therapist in Colorado offering DBT for children and their parents,
especially those who have PANS/PANDAS or those with behavioural dysregulation and chronic
illness. She is extensively trained through Behavioral Tech and the Linehan Institute.

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