Quick Tips

Some of the most effective things you can do to improve your thinking abilities are listed below.

 Limiting your activities means not volunteering for any extra jobs or responsibilities, temporarily turning over some responsibilities to other people, getting enough rest, and limiting the number of hours you work every day.

 Use your notebook and Daytimer to write down all information that you need to remember.

 Carry a small notepad with you wherever you go and write down all new information.

 Wear a watch which beeps every hour and which can remind you to check you Daytimer on the hour.

 Ask people to repeat or explain things more simply whenever necessary.

 Be sure to schedule rest breaks during the day.

 When you return home from work in the evening, go straight to your bedroom and spend 20 minutes resting with your eyes closed and without any distractions. Do not read a magazine, watch TV, open the mail, pet the dog, talk to your spouse, listen to your messages on your answering machine, or fold the laundry. Simply lie down and rest after having worked a long day. After 20 minutes or so you feel much more refreshed and can then meet the demands of the rest of your day.

 Use a dry cleaning store to clean all of your regular laundry weekly. Just put all of your dirty clothes in a pillow case and drop it off for “regular laundry”.

 Your local grocery store will do all of your shopping for you if you call and give them your list of shopping items. Tell them the exact products you want and they will have them ready for pick-up when you arrive.

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