Bredesen Process for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

The Healthy Brain Program at The Brain and Behavior Clinic is based on the groundbreaking research of Dr. Dale Bredesen and employs the latest and most advanced methods for reducing and reversing cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.  Additionally it also is the best model for optimizing your brain health and preventing cognitive decline.

Are you:

Someone who wants to optimize their thinking and ensure top notch brain fitness?
We utilize scientifically proven processes to optimize the health and vitality of your brain and to actually strengthen it into the future as you age.

Worried about your cognition and changes in your emotions or behavior?
Subjectively noticed changes in thinking, emotions, and behaviors can be early signs of cognitive decline and, in some cases, may be the first indication of dementia.  If you feel you’re falling behind mentally, or just don’t feel like yourself, we can determine what is happening to you and help you do something about it!

At risk for Alzheimer’s disease or experiencing subjective or mild cognitive changes? 
Any impairment that you notice (whether or not anybody else notices it) can be the first sign of a dementing process like Alzheimer’s disease. And the latest research has emphasized that treating these changes as early as possible is the key to reducing and reversing your cognitive decline.  In fact, studies have confirmed that the initial stages of Alzheimer’s disease can begin 10 or more years before the first actual signs become evident!  Now is the time to incorporate a healthy brain protocol into your daily regimen.  Doing so can give you the best chance of reducing and possibly reversing your disease process.

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There is no Magic Pill to cure Alzheimer’s disease!

To effectively treat Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive decline all of the fundamental causes of the problem must be treated simultaneously.  One pill can’t do that.  Nutritional status, sleep habits, social engagement, cognitive and physical exercise, stress management, and metabolic functioning must all be assessed and treated in order to reverse destructive trends and improve and optimize the health of your brain.

The Bredesen Protocol (developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen of UCLA and The Buck Institute) has been demonstrated to effectively reverse Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI), Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and early Alzheimer’s disease. And one of the main keys to healthy brain functioning is to start early!

The treatment protocol for brain health and cognitive decline here at The Healthy Brain Program begins with extensive blood and genetic testing and a complete behavioral, cognitive, and metabolic analysis in order to identify your unique brain-health status.  This is followed by the development of a comprehensive plan designed specifically for you to optimize your brain health. Supplements, diet modifications, and lifestyle changes are then prescribed to improve your cognitive health and reverse the effects of any cognitive decline you are experiencing.

Change is difficult but our treatment team are experts in guiding and teaching you the effective lifestyle adjustments & changes you need to make to support and improve your brain health. Our team includes a neuropsychologist, a neurobehavioral consultant who specializes in  emotional/behavioral/cognitive health, a functional medicine physician, a multi-skilled chiropractor/nutritionist/nurse, and an occupational therapist who all work together to assist you in actually implementing the changes needed to maximize your health.  All of our doctors have received specialized training in the Bredesen protocol and collaborate with each other in a team approach to help you achieve optimized brain functioning.   

The Bredesen Protocol employs a comprehensive method, which starts with the assessment of all of the components contributing to the health of your brain and nervous system functioning and then, through the use of a proprietary, evidence-based algorithm, creates a unique and personalized prescription of supplements, medications, and lifestyle changes, which are combined to optimize your brain health and reverse your cognitive decline.

Our program is most effective when completed in a one year process, but we would like to help in any capacity you need. Contact us TODAY to start on the road toward optimizing your brain health and improving your life.  Remember, every brain is a unique, complex system that may react differently to the Bredesen treatment. Because of this, results may vary.


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Our Team

Dr Ilene Naomi Rusk: Neurocognitive, emotional, and behavioral specialist

Dr Stephen Schmitz: Neuropsychologist

Dr Mary Braud: MD, Functional Medicine physician

Dr Pat Henry: RN, Functional Medicine chiropractor and certified nutritionist

Kerry Mobley: OT, Cognitive rehabilitation and implementation specialist


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