Healthy Brain Program

Bright & Clear Mind – The Absolute Best of You!
A Functional Medicine and Behavioral Health Approach to Optimizing Brain Health.

Are you unsure about your memory or your thinking abilities?

Take advantage of advanced research based upon metabolic enhancement and a caring personalized behavioral program to maximize your brain health and the health of your nervous system.

  • Scientifically evaluate your unique cognitive profile.
  • Gain insight from an in-depth, comprehensive metabolic evaluation.
  • Be guided and encouraged by a team that includes functional medicine doctors, a brain & behavior specialist, a brain health diet nutritionist & and a cognitive rehabilitation specialist.
  • Preserve & optimize brain health with a plan designed specifically for you.
  • Possibly alter the course of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Even if you have no noticeable changes in your thinking or behavior, you can take steps to preserve & optimize your brain and psychological health. The evidence shows that chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease can start decades before symptoms appear. Prevention is a relatively new concept when it comes to brain health!

Dr. Dale Bredesen has identified several different subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease – the Bredesen Protocol helps identify specific root causes of these subtypes and assists you in implementing the changes you need to modify your risk factors for Alzheimer’s and possibly alter the course of its progression is you already have a diagnosis.

What is the Healthy Brain Program?

A highly personalized program that targets the underlying causative factors associated with Alzheimers and Mild Cognitive Impairment. Our Functional Medicine doctors and behavioral health coordinators comprehensively analyze your metabolic functioning, genetic make-up, cognitive functioning, emotional health, sleep, diet, and a host of other science/based lifestyle factors and also use a cutting-edge algorithm. We then recommend the necessary, high-quality supplements, nutritional guidelines, cognitive exercises, trauma relief and lifestyle changes needed to arrest and possibly reverse the root causes of your cognitive decline. Even if you don’t have noticeable cognitive changes, we’ll show you how to optimize the your brain and nervous system health through metabolic and lifestyle medicine.

Our highly tailored program involves:

  • genetic testing
  • sophisticated computer analysis with personalized recommendations designed specifically for you and updated regularly
    • an in-depth functional medicine diagnostic analysis
    • neuro-cognitive testing
    • analysis of sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress, and other lifestyle health indicators
  • high quality supplements specific to your metabolic condition
  • group classes on the latest research techniques for combatting MCI and Alzheimer’sdisease
  • science-driven brain training
  • access to an online community so you can learn from and aid others living with MCI or AD
  • one-on-one coaching with a compassionate, trained professional to support yourimplementation of the protocol recommendations

What does the research say?

  • The original study, Reversal of Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer’s Disease, was published in 2014 by Dr. Dale Bredesen (see the research article here)
    • Using the MEND Protocol (the same cutting-edge protocol we use in the Healthy Brain and Memory Program), 9/10 participants experienced improved MCI/AD symptoms within 6 months during this pilot study
  • Click here for a testimonial from one of the original patients
  • Click here to read about how dietary changes and physical activity are being used to prevent cognitive decline in older individuals
  • Click here to learn about modifiable risk factors for AD

It’s time to invest in your health and wellbeing. Take advantage of the opportunity to be involved in this ultra-personalized protocol inspired by the latest innovative research in combatting AD and MCI and optimizing brain health. Call our office with any questions. Our goal is to help modify your risk factors for AD and guide you on your journey to thinking better and feeling better.

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