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Brain injury cases can involve some of the most complex and perplexing medical issues an attorney will ever have to address. Jury awards can be quite substantial and the cost of losing considerable. In such matters, it is crucial that the attorney work with a brain injury expert who is able to evaluate each case competently and is then willing to take a firm stand in presenting their opinion.

Drs. Stephen Schmitz and Mark Zacharewicz are well respected and highly regarded experts in the field of forensic neuropsychology. The highly specialized proficiency and training of our doctors enables us to provide expert witness testimony, professional case consultation, second opinions, and comprehensive file reviews. We have extensive expertise testifying for both plaintiffs and the defense in brain injury matters and can provide a scientific source of professional consultation and expertise in analyzing and arguing the complex issues involved in the case. Our 65 years of combined experience in the field has led to a highly respected reputation of clinical objectivity backed by solid scientific regimen.

Types of cases:

• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Electrical Injury
• Toxic Poisoning
• Medication Side Effects-Strokes
• Environmental Hazards
• Birth Trauma and Childhood Injuries
• Anoxia/Hypoxia-Medical Malpractice
• Cerebral Palsy
• Criminal Liability
• Competency Issues

Five levels of neuropsychological consultations

  1. Background consultation to assist in case formulation and trial preparation
  2. General overview. Review of a few selected records and reports to identify the basic strengths and weaknesses of the case
  3. Comprehensive review of all pre- and post-incident records
  4. Review of records plus an in-depth interview with the patient/claimant
  5. All of the above plus administration of a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation with particular emphasis placed upon an assessment of effort level and malingering potential

Collaboration is power

Although charges in each case are for the services of only one expert. That said, typically all of our doctors are involved in the analysis of each claim in order to provide a thorough assessment of the neuropsychological merits of the case. Thus, the client benefits from the combined expertise of all of the neuropsychologists in our practice for the price of just one.

To discuss a case with one of our doctors please contact us at (303)938-9244.

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