What is Subjective Cognitive Impairment?

Do you feel like your memory is not as good as it used to be? If so, you may be suffering from SCI or Subjective Cognitive Impairment. SCI is quickly gaining interest among top neuropsychologists, psychotherapists and neurologists worldwide. Why? Because when detected early, further memory decline may be prevented. Don’t put it off any longer. The sooner you act, the more you can do to preserve your cognitive skills.

Have you suffered from head trauma or traumatic brain injury? We can help.

The Brain and Behavior Clinic

Our clinic is unique in that we provide a team of specialists to personalize your brain health program. Our staff includes a Functional Medicine M.D., Functional Medicine Nurse and Nutrition Specialist who is also a Licensed Chiropractor, Cognitive & Behavioral Medicine and Emotional Health Expert, and a Fellowship Trained Neuropsychologist.

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