Driving Fears

If your injury was caused by your involvement in an automobile accident, you may be experiencing some anxiety while driving in a car, especially in situations similar to the circumstances related to the accident. This is a normal reaction and will go away with time. It is important that you remind yourself of this fact. It is also important that you work to reduce the anxiety you feel when you drive or ride as a passenger in a vehicle. Do so by consciously telling yourself to relax. Focus on your breathing by taking slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth whenever you feel anxious. Be sure to review the various relaxation techniques outlined in the back of this manual and practice them as often as you can. They only work if you practice them on a daily basis and if you use them when you begin to feel anxious. You might try relaxing yourself before getting into your car to drive, or by taking deep breaths while you are driving. It is also often helpful to tell yourself that these feelings are common following such accident and that, given time, they will go away. If you begin to have thoughts about getting in another accident, tell yourself “Stop!” and force yourself to think about something more pleasant.

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