Your Amazing Brain

Your brain is without a doubt the most amazing known entity in the universe!  It is packed with billions and billions of nerve cells, which all interact at a highly complex level to allow you to be absolutely everything that you are, think, and do.  And we are the experts who are here to help you maintain a healthy brain now and throughout the rest of your life.

Hundreds of research papers have been published in the last few years about brain health and we have identified the best of the best studies on brain health and fitness. We review dozens of papers every week to make sure we keep you informed about the latest methods developed to help your brain function at its most optimal level. Did you know there is an interaction between when you eat and when you go to sleep, which can significantly impact your brain functioning? We do and we are here to assist you in optimizing your brain functioning. We start by assessing your current cognitive abilities using blood and urine analysis, genetic testing, cognitive assessment, and behavioral survey. All of these factors are then entered into a complex computer algorithm the result is an individualized protocol specifically designed to enhance your brain.  Your individual treatment plan will include recommendations for prescription medication adjustments, supplements, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, mindfulness techniques, sleep and diet habits, and which brain exercise programs would be best for you personally.

We are here to help.  Come in for a personal consultation today and let us help you in making your brain is strong as it could be.

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