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The Brain And Behavior Clinic is a comprehensive Neuropsychological practice offering expert diagnostic, assessment, treatment, and consulting services to individuals across the lifespan. Serving Colorado patients since 1985 the doctors at the Clinic have a strong reputation of providing the highest level of expertise in the assessment and treatment of a broad spectrum of neuropsychological conditions. With an unparalleled group of experienced doctors who have each completed extensive University-based Fellowship training in Clinical Neuropsychology, The Brain and Behavior Clinic offers experience, scientific knowledge, and compassionate care to neuropsychologically impaired patients and their families.

Our Doctors’ Practice

The Brain And Behavior Clinic is a comprehensive diagnostic, assessment, and treatment service (formerly named Colorado Neuropsychological Consultants) established in 1987, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of a broad range of neurologic conditions, from post-concussion syndrome and mild traumatic brain injury to dementias. We also evaluate the cognitive status of patients with HIV/AIDS, MS, encephalopathies, vascular incidents (ie. stroke), and other general medical conditions involving CNS compromise. We have a Pediatric Neuropsychologist on our staff to address the unique needs of children with traumatic brain injuries and other neurologic conditions, including ADD/ADHD. Our doctors also have extensive litigation experience.

Most uniquely, each of the doctors in our practice has completed a University-based Post-Doctoral Fellowship appointment in Clinical Neuropsychology consistent with the extensive training standards developed by Division 40 (Clinical Neurospychology) of the American Psychological Association. Compliance with these training standards provides our neuropsychologists with a firm grounding in the neurosciences and with an in-depth knowledge base and understanding of the structural, functional, chemical, and electrical composition and activity of the human brain. Our doctors also regularly attend inservice lectures, training seminars, and presentations regarding various aspects of Neuropsychology.

Finally, and most importantly, the doctors and staff at Neuropsychological Consultants, L.L.C. are caring and compassionate people who understand the unique and oftentimes overwhelming issues faced by individuals suffering the effects of a loss of cognitive functioning. We work especially hard to not let the “person” whom we treat become just another “patient”. We do that by maintaining the highest standards of knowledge and study regarding brain dysfunction and by carefully listening to the patient. Our priority is to provide and present that knowledge and information in a clear and caring manner so that it is most easily understood and accepted by the patient and their family.

Our doctors are available to meet with and speak to your practice about how Neuropsychology can assist you in your work with your patients and clients.

Just give us a call at (303) 938-9244.

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