The Brain & Behavior Clinic are here to support you via remote neuropsychology appointments, psychotherapy and brain health evaluations.

Emotional challenges are to be expected now. Please call us if you need support. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Clear, sharp thinking & optimal neuroplasticity. Are you ready?

Work, life and personal confidence. Trust in your cognitive ability.

Lead with your strongest self.

Self-Aware, Emotionally Well, Efficient Thinker. Let us show you how.

Your window of great opportunity

Feeling a bit “off” mentally compared to before? Then do something about it!

Alzheimer’s disease can begin decades before symptoms appear. Even if you have no symptoms, you may still be at risk. Time is of the essence. Take charge of your brain health. It’s possible to preserve and improve your high-level thinking skills.

We are certified providers of the Bredesen Protocol - a cutting-edge healthcare and wellbeing method to improve and maintain brain health.

  I Want To Maintain
  My Brain Health

Brain Health Optimization

  • Maintain current brain performance or return to the level of function you had before
  • Improve work performance
  • Enjoy clear thinking and improved emotional health
  • Be cognitively self aware and more efficient

Achieve optimal brain health by implementing a program designed specifically for you. Based on advanced, research backed methods, a combination of supplements, medications, brain training and lifestyle changes allow you to enjoy your best overall health potential.

Learn More About Brain
  Health Optimization

The Bredesen Protocol

Advanced Intervention for Optimal Neuroplasticity

Many factors affect your brain function. Find out by evaluating:
  • Potential causes of dementia
  • Hormonal, genetic & inflammatory factors
  • Blood analysis
  • Dietary sources
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Social & lifestyle habits

A single ‘pill’ can’t remedy everything involved in cognitive decline. Instead, a modern, comprehensive approach may prevent or even reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

What’s the
  Bredesen Protocol?

What is Subjective Cognitive Impairment?

Do you feel like your memory is not as good as it used to be? If so, you may be suffering from SCI or Subjective Cognitive Impairment. SCI is quickly gaining interest among top neuropsychologists, psychotherapists and neurologists worldwide. Why? Because when detected early, further memory decline may be prevented. Don’t put it off any longer. The sooner you act, the more you can do to preserve your cognitive skills.

Have you suffered from head trauma or traumatic brain injury? We can help.

The Brain and Behavior Clinic

Our clinic is unique in that we provide a team of specialists to personalize your brain health program. Our staff includes a Functional Medicine M.D., Functional Medicine Nurse and Nutrition Specialist who is also a Licensed Chiropractor, Cognitive & Behavioral Medicine and Emotional Health Expert, and a Fellowship Trained Neuropsychologist.

What our clients are saying...

“I am overwhelmingly thankful, and I just need to say that to you. I have taken a timeout from life, and began to  evaluate. I have discovered many Negative Things, and they are not being invited back in for the New Year…. I am so very thankful to the people who helped to transform my life.   Dr. Schmitz, you were right!  Everything  has  changed!  I am an unstoppable woman because of your help.  The chaff is gone and so much good has come forward, and I’m embracing it.”

“When I need a Zen place, I pull up a mental image of the office and it soothes me.”

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