Healthy Brain Program

What is the Healthy Brain Program?

  • A six-month, highly personalized protocol that targets the underlying causative factors associated with AD and MCI.  We comprehensively analyze your blood, genetic make-up, cognitive functioning, sleep, diet, and a host of other lifestyle factors with cutting-edge computer analysis  to recommend the necessary medications, high-quality supplements, nutritional guidelines, cognitive exercises, and lifestyle changes needed to arrest and possibly reverse the effects of your disease.

What is included in the program?

  • genetic testing
  • sophisticated computer analysis with personalized recommendations designed specifically for you and updated every 3 months
    • thorough blood analysis
    • cognitive testing
    • analysis of sleep, nutrition, stress, and other lifestyle health indicators
  • high quality supplements specific to your metabolic condition
  • group classes on the latest research techniques for combatting MCI and Alzheimer’s disease
  • brain training software
  • access to an online community so you can learn from and aid others living with MCI or AD
  • one-on-one coaching with a compassionate, trained professional to support your implementation of the protocol recommendations
    • sleep hygiene counseling
    • nutritional guidelines tailored to enhance your memory and well-being
    • stress management and mindfulness training
    • social support
    • cognitive training that targets your problem areas
    • teaching of memory strategies
    • personalized environmental modifications
    • directed physical activities
    • and more, depending on the unique needs of the individual

Your complete confidentiality is assured.  We will not disclose your condition or participation in this protocol with your insurance company, employer, or any governmental agency without your expressed permission.

What does the research say?

  • The original study, Reversal of Cognitive Decline, was published in 2014 in Aging by Dr. Dale Bredesen of UCLA (see the research article here)
    • Using the MEND Protocol (the same cutting-edge protocol we use in the Healthy Brain and Memory Program), 9/10 participants experienced improved MCI/AD symptoms within 6 months during this pilot study
  • Click here for a testimonial from one of the original patients
  • Click here to read about how dietary changes and physical activity are being used to prevent cognitive decline in older individuals
  • Click here to learn about modifiable risk factors for AD

It’s time to invest in your health and wellbeing. Give us six months and we will lead you as you take advantage of the opportunity to be involved in this ultra-personalized protocol inspired by the latest innovative research in combatting AD and MCI. Call today and let us know you’re interested in exploring this opportunity.  We’re here standing with you! 


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